15 June 2006

Photoshop Pirate, agrrrrrrrrggrgrrrr!

This is a post about that tethercat thing over there. About 20 years ago there was this cartoon in the newspapers called The Far Side it was penned by Gary Larson who has since quit to go pursue quantum mechanics or some other damned thing. But, his wit lives on in my photo versions of some of his classic cartoons. I am really a pirate not to put too fine a point on it, I just took the captions and reincarnated the drawing using photoshop and various photos from stock houses and of course, my favorite stock house: Google image search.
Here is the Gary Larson original Tethercat from 1988.
A larger version of my pirated Tethercat 2005.

I did the bear hibernating one for practice.

Then I got a request from Paul Cronenwett to do the elephant in phone booth one.

Of course I would have to do my favorite of all time the school for the gifted and pose for it myself. I used to have the original in full color on a t-shirt "back in the day".

Hope you had a laugh. I have to go make some scurvy dogs walk the plank now.

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Anonymous said...

These are good, but I bet you have more in that creative playground of yours.