03 July 2006

Celtic Knots

I always have loved the celtic knots and have wanted to draw them but could never get it quite right. I played hookie the other day and figured it out. I made all these templates of grids and curves in photoshop that I can just plug in a design idea and make it happen quick and easy with a little cut and paste it's neat. I am going to try and work out how to make them into shapes and and work paths so they can be vector images. Heres a couple of designs I did:


Chad said...

I hope you don't think that figuring out Celtic Cnots makes you some kind of Photoshop John Nash. Unless your meeting secret government photoshoppers who want you to help them break some kind of dithering secret.

Chad said...

You should look at Technorati. If we tag and link to ourselves we can increase our importance. I'd like a cool logo and anything else that makes for cool looking posts. The next post will be a repost of the STar Trek log. I'll give you a BB gun. You can use it to go to the local park with your daughter and shoot squirrels. Take them home and make soup.

Chad said...

I made you an admin